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  paŝu iomete sur la teron de la alia   


Our Services

* Inter-religious, Inter-cultural, and Inter-Normative Mediation, Conflict  Resolution, Consultancy, Support and Advice

* Research

* Facilitation

* Citizen Diplomacy

* Communication

* Education

* Disability mediation, advocacy, and communication facilitation and Assistance

Geoffrey Ernest White


* M.A. (Peace and Conflict Studies)

* B.A. (Studies in Religion / Peace and Conflict)

* Hons. First Class (Studies in Religion)

* Grad. Cert. Mediation and Conflict Resolution

* Cert. Facilitative Mediation

* Dip. Lang. (Arabic)

* Grad. Cert. Interfaith Dialogue

* NMAS Nationally Accredited Mediator

* ICERM Associate Member (International Centre for Ethno-Religious Mediation)

* Cert. Trauma-Informed Peacebuilding 

* Mediators Beyond Borders Associate Member

* Red Cross International Humanitarian Law Certificate

* Cert. Facilitative Communication

* Alternative and Augmentative Communication Levels 1-5

* Dip. Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

* Dip. Home Education

* Mental Health First Aid Certificate

* Alternatives to Violence Project Advanced Level

* Nonviolent Communication Advanced Level

* International Teaching Licence (TESOL)

*Dip. Gestalt Therapy

* Dip. Autism Awareness 
* Dip. Meditation Teaching



Heart With Wings

Specialist Travel And Tours

A subsidiary / sister-company of Andante, Heart with Wings provides small-group or private, package or bespoke, travel & guided tours specialising in religious history (scholarly, respectfully secular, peace-focussed approach), culture, mythologies, places and traditions.

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paŝu iomete sur la teron de la alia

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